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Club Etiquette

Join us on a journey of discipline, skill, and hard work as we delve into the art of Kung Fu. Our school is dedicated to the teaching of techniques and philosophies of this revered martial art.

Shaolin Quanshu


Club Etiquette

We believe in a certain code of conduct within our classes to promote self discipline and respect to our fellow students and instructors.


  • Full Uniform should be worn at all times. This will include Blue Kung Fu top. Grey Kung Fu Trousers, Coloured belt, Bare feet or adequate Kung Fu Shoes. (no trainers)
  • Uniform should be clean, smell fresh and ironed.
  • Belt must be worn at all times.


  • Finger and toe nails must be kept short and clipped.
  • Body odour is not acceptable in the class.
  • Feet must be washed.
  • If you have verruca’s, then shoes must be worn.
  • Hair is best tied back.
  • Please be aware of bad breath. It is unacceptable if you are working close to another student.


  • on entering and leaving the training location the student must face into the hall and bow with hands together as a mark of respect to the training environment
  • Students must always bow when greeting other students.
  • Senior students must always make themselves available for lower grades to ask questions and to explain techniques when asked.
  • When a senior or instructor enters the hall, the most senior student in the hall must draw everybody’s attention to stand, and say “face senior/Sifu, attention, bow” an instruction all must follow.
  • Chief instructors are to be addressed as Sifu whilst in the training location.
  • Classes must line up in accordance with the most senior at the front right, consecutively going down in grade to the left and backwards.
  • The class is started by the most senior student saying “face Sifu/Instructor, attention, bow”  an instruction everyone must follow.
  • Be on time for the start of the classes.
  • Any latecomers must come to the front of the class, wait for the instructors acknowledgement, bow to the instructor then bow to the class and then join in at the back.
  • When a student needs to be excused during the class they must approach the instructor, wait to be acknowledged, bow and ask for permission to leave the class.
  • When using equipment treat it with respect and always bow before taking from another student.
  • At the end of the class, all students must line up in formation according to grade facing the front. The instructor will say “turn around and adjust your dress” to which all students will face the back and straighten their clothing and belts. The most senior student will clap and say “Face Sifu/Instructor, attention, bow” then the second most senior will say “Face senior, attention, Bow” to which everyone will follow.
  • The class is terminated by three claps


  • Parents MUST collect their children from inside the hall and make themselves known to the instructors before leaving the class. DO NOT wait in the car park  for children to come out and find you, regardless of parking problems/weather etc. Instructors will not dismiss the children to an unknown adult.
  • If arriving late. Please enter the hall but wait by the door for the instructor to acknowledge your presence and guide you what to do next.
  • If collecting your child. Please do not enter the hall until the class and finished.
  • Most martial arts do not allow parents into the training hall for various reasons. We are happy for you to stay but you must be respectful to our rules of etiquette.
  • No mobile phones. If you need to make/take a call. Please leave the training hall at an appropriate time.
  • Please try not to leave and enter the hall countless times. There are  appropriate times to leave/enter or move around the hall. It can be very distracting to the students.
  • Please refrain from walking straight through the class. Move around the outer edge of the class.
  • Please refrain from talking or coaching your child when they are training. This can put unnecessary stress on the child, when he is trying to concentrate.
  • Please speak to the instructors before or after the class where they will be happy to discuss any matters arising.
  • Please control siblings that are watching. They can be very distracting and you may be asked to leave the hall.

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What Our Students Say

Training at Shaolin Quanshu has been a transformative experience for me. The discipline and skills I’ve gained have positively impacted all areas of my life.


Senior Student

Joining Shaolin Quanshu was the best decision I ever made. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and I’ve made lifelong friends here.


Intermediate Student

Shaolin Quanshu has not only improved my physical fitness but also my mental clarity and focus. The training is rigorous but immensely rewarding.


Junior Student

The sense of community at Shaolin Quanshu is unparalleled. I’ve learned so much about kung fu and about myself. It’s truly a second family.


Beginner Student

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